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Initiated by the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative (HGNI) and established by residents in 2016, the Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) falls under the umbrella of Riverworks. The NID is a quasi-governmental entity run by a board of elected residents and property owners.
The NID assesses $50 per unit per year to the property taxes of all residential properties within the boundaries of the NID, and pools that money to fund a home repair grant. This grant is eligible to all property owners within the boundaries, but prioritizes owner-occupants with demonstrated need.The goal of the program is to provide much needed home repair resources to neighbors, and provide home repair jobs to underemployed residents. 

MISSION: The Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) is organized for the purpose of providing owner-occupants and neighborhood-based homeowners of the Harambee NID funds in order to conduct essential repairs to their homes and provide local jobs with the goal of stabilizing property values and home ownership in the defined area, with the goal of full occupancy.

WHAT WE DO: The Haramabee NID provides home repair resources to homeowners within the Harambee NID boundaries.


No longer accepting applications for 2023,
All funds have been allocated.

2023 NID Applications

The Harambee Neighborhood Improvement (HNID) provides grant opportunities to eligible homeowners to undertake needed repairs to their primary residence with a goal to eliminate blight and stabilize property values. Questions? Reach out to Clarissa.



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Letter from our Board President

On behalf of the Board of Directors for Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District #7, we are honored to have been elected to serve this great neighborhood. Our NID’s purpose continues to be allocating special assessments funds as yearly home repair grants to neighbors for projects that invest these dollars back into our community. Our residents and staff are a critical part of these success stories!


Since the NID is a resident-lead initiative, exercising your voice is what will determine the future of the NID’s impact and its ability to improve the quality of our neighborhood. Your ideas on how you’d like to see these improvements developed are always welcomed and we hope that you will join us during our open board meetings. As the Board of Directors, along with our administrative staff at Riverworks Development Corporation, we will continue to seek and develop long term relationships that leverage resources to revitalizing homeownership in Harambee. It will be this type of community collaboration and  forward-thinking that will determine how we support families in maintaining the value of their homes against economic challenges.


This an exciting time in Harambee, which has a rich history of being a great place to live and do business. Please feel free to contact myself or Riverworks staff for more information about how your organization or household can get involved. We continue to count on our residents and community of stakeholders in securing additional resources in order to successfully support our current and future homeowners.




Cordella Jones, Chairperson
Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District #7

2023 Board of Directors

Cordella Jones


Fernando Delgadillo
Vice Chair

Ella Bennett

Rick Banks

Anthony Kazee

Willie Mae Moore

Sheila Smith

Lakesha Wilder


Darryl Johnson

Executive Director

Clarissa Morales

Community Asset Development Specialist

Home Improvement Grant Participants

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