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Quality of Life Plans (QOLP) are designed to strengthen neighborhoods from within through planning, organizing and human development.


The QOLP’s are visions for a community’s future, created and owned by the community, and have served as a guide for investments and actions. The process empowers neighborhoods by building capacity in existing community organizations and providing a framework through which they can assess and build on unique human, institutional and physical assets while identifying and addressing specific challenges.


The QOLP will foster cohesiveness and collaboration to leverage economic impact for current residents.


A local organization serves as lead agency for quality of life planning to anchor the comprehensive effort in the community. The role of a community lead agency is to forge partnerships with other local organizations, residents and citywide agencies to address the neighborhood’s challenges and opportunities. Lead agencies are critical to guiding the development and implementation of a community-driven plan, convening multiple partner agencies to implement projects prioritized by community stakeholders and led by organizations throughout the neighborhood, and working with stakeholders to identify resources to sustain the work.



Anticipated Outcomes Based on experiences in other communities, LISC Milwaukee believes that by making this 18-month to 2- year investment of planning and implementation in Harambee will provide a sound foundation for future work. We anticipate that at the end of the planning period we would achieve the following:

· Creation of a neighborhood Quality of Life Plan

· Expansion of a neighborhood network of residents and leaders

· Participation in local or regional planning that has identified common values, interests and priorities across different constituencies.

· Completion of three – five early action projects that provide visible, tangible actions

· Integration of data, metrics and evaluation

· Increased partnerships and collaboration among a core set of existing and new stakeholders.

For more information about the QOLP and how you can get involved please reach out the Harambee QOL Manager or call 414-906-9650


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