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MISSION: Riverworks Cleans provides employment opportunities to Milwaukee residents while at the same time improving Milwaukee neighborhoods and properties. We operate as a business unit, even generating some operating income for Riverworks. We are an effective resource for the City of Milwaukee, property management companies, and a growing number of BIDs throughout the city.
WHAT WE DO: Riverworks Cleans works to beautify Milwaukee Corridors through trash pick-up, graffiti removal, landscaping, light pole painting and snow removal.
WHO WE SERVE: Riverworks Cleans in contracted through The City of Milwaukee, multiple Business Improvement Districts throughout the City, and private businesses

For Cleaning/Debris removal services

2019 collections

dumping Map.JPG

2018 collections

Riverworks Cleans contracts map.JPG
Dumping Data.JPG
riverworks Cleans infographic.JPG
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