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You and Riverworks have been a major factor in my financial "solutions".  I am grateful to have met you all's acquaintance.  God don't just allow us to cross path for no reason.  You all have been a blessing in my life and helped "raised" me (sort of speak).  When I met you all, I was still transitioning from "prison" to the "workforce" and with God.  Though it had been about 15 years from when I was incarcerated and 5 years into my spiritual walk, when I met you all, God allowed you all to come into my life at the RIGHT time.  I am very grateful, thankful and honored.  


I personally would like to extend my gratitude to all of you at Riverworks and to your volunteers.  I know there are countless “unaccounted for hours” volunteers and staff like yourself have selflessly sacrificed to provide services to our taxpayers.  That you continued to provide services during a pandemic gives testament to your dedication and commitment. Thank you.  The Internal Revenue Service couldn’t sustain the VITA/TCE programs without partners like you.

-Sheila Siegal

“I am forever grateful that the Financial Clinic didn’t give up on me when I gave up on myself!! Two years ago I walked into the Clinic asking for help with cleaning up my credit. I walked out with a personalized Action Plan! Failure was NOT an option with my Financial Coach. She supported me through every road block that tried to interfere with my goal to become a homeowner. Riverworks was a one stop shop for preparing and connecting me to a trusted lenders, realtors and grants. I now own a home double the size of my rental, and pay less as a homeowner than as a renter. The home is mine, and the keystone of wealth for me and my family!”

-Tanica Burris


2021 - Governor's Literacy Award

The Governor’s Financial Literacy Award recognizing individuals and organization for excellence in increasing financial literacy among Wisconsin citizen; providing exceptional financial literacy, capability, and inclusion education in an innovative manner.



Governers financial literacy award.jpg

2021 - Financial Clinic Expansion

Riverworks Financial Clinic expands to help Milwaukee residents gain financial stability Public private partnerships spur clinic’s growth to address long and short-term financial needs



2020- Outstanding Volunteers of the Year - VITA Program

This award is given to Cashauna Campbell ( Riverworks Financial Clinic VITA Volunteer) in recognition of her many years of service and volunteerism to the VITA program. Her dedication to Wisconsin taxpayers and service to VITA sites are uniquely fitting for this award recognition.


Riverworks Development Corporation will also be recognized as for their perseverance on keeping your VITA site open in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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