The Community Has Spoken! Local Artist Moves Forward

Harambee Tot Lot Benches Update

As you may already know, Riverworks teamed up with local artist, Marina Lee, to create two inspirational benches at the Harambee Tot Lot on Palmer and Keefe. We had hoped to gather folks together for a design session to ensure that the community had input on what was created, however, with COVID spiking we decided to take our efforts virtual. The community sent design ideas in, and Marina created 5 options from which to vote.

And... you did it! It was a close race, but bench designs 1 and 5 are the winners. We couldn't be happier with your choices. Marina Lee is already hard at work to bring the benches to life. This is just the first phase of the project. The next step is to have them fabricated, which will be done in the next couple of weeks. The fabrication process also includes adding steel pieces to ensure the benches are sturdy and ready for public use.

That is what community-led projects are all about. You, the community, choose and we, the stewards of your choices, make it happen. We cannot wait to show you more as things develop. The Harambee Tot Lot will be an amazing park space for all to enjoy!

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