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Statement of Support - June 2020

Message from the Executive Director

I have spent over thirty years leading not-for-profits, nonprofits and working in government to correct the inequities in our community. I have seen a lot in my life but to see the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, knee on his neck, sent chills and anger through my body at the same time. I am outraged and saddened by the loss of another Black man being murdered in the hands of the police for being Black. This cannot be acceptable to have Black and other People of Color murdered at the hands of those who we have trusted to protect and serve us.

As the leader and spokesperson for Riverworks Development Corporation, I cannot stand silent on the matter. I feel the frustration of the protesters across the nation. When will we as a country confront the institutional racism and inequities in our society? We cannot let another George Floyd life be taken from us by those who are paid to protect and serve us all! We have to move forward to address these issues of community policing, injustice, institutional racism and inequities that are tearing our communities apart.

We support those who seek justice through nonviolent protests across our City and our Nation. As a community of caring people, we must be open to listening and hearing the plight and struggles of our neighbors; we must be willing to understand their concerns, their issues and be willing to fight to remove the inequities that exist in our society. We have to stop the preconceived notions and voices that attack and continue to allow our Black brothers, sisters and people of color to be murdered.

Some people see these events as a movement, marches and protest. I see it as a tsunami rolling across the country; people want changes in our police departments, elected officials, government, justice system, etc. Let's continue to speak out and fight for what is right. If not now, when?

Darryl Johnson

Executive Director

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