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Congratulations Glenn Mattison and the Harambee NID Board of Directors!


At last night's Town Hall meeting, they announced the Dr. James G. White 6th District Difference Makers Awards. We are very excited to share that our very own Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) #7 Board of Directors and Riverworks Development Corporation Board member, Glenn Mattison, were recognized for the amazing work that they do! Please join us in congratulating them for this great honor!


Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) #7 Board of Directors

The Harambee NID board is a volunteer-run board made up of mostly residents in this neighborhood. They oversee the funds from a special assessment collected that is allocated specifically for critical home repairs. As of the end of 2020, home repairs have been completed on a total of 37 homes. The board works tirelessly researching, discussing, and advocating for the homeowners in the Harambee Neighborhood - always finding new methods to leverage other housing funds as well. Many of the homeowners that have received assistance are on fixed incomes and have owned their homes for decades. The board recognizes the needs in the Harambee community as it continues to move forward continually improving the process and outcomes for residents with the goal of keeping them in their homes.


Glenn Mattison

Glenn has been a board member for Riverworks Development Corporation for several years - assisting them as they fulfill their mission of connecting residents and businesses to resources that help with quality of life issues and economic development opportunities. He helped form the Keefe Avenue Safety Task Force- a collaboration of residents and stakeholders working toward a safer corridor. He also helped create the Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District! Glenn has worked tirelessly for the Harambee community for a long time - both professionally and as a volunteer. He was able to use the knowledge gained through his professional work at the city to move the needle as he advocates for residents and their needs.

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