Business Spotlight - July 2022

Business Spotlight - July 2022

Greeting Friends and Neighbors:

The Riverworks Business Development HUB provides technical assistance to local entrepreneurs and businesses. Our business development specialists provide business coaching and strategic budgeting sessions to help find funding and grant opportunities that fit their needs. Our monthly business spotlight highlights some of the amazing work and accomplishments of these entrepreneurs. Please check out these businesses and support local whenever possible!

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Kidz Fashion LLC

Erqueda Mike is the founder of the upcoming children’s clothing store: Kidz Fashion LLC, which will be located at 1427 E Racine Ave in Waukesha. A native of Milwaukee, Erqueda has a passion for children, starting with her own children and grandchildren. The motivation to create Kidz Fashion LLC came from that passion, coupled with her observation that there are not enough clothing stores that cater to children specifically. Erqueda’s entrepreneurship journey is a story of drive, support, and perseverance. Although she has a dedicated support system at home, Erqueda has had to dig deep more than once to find strength and motivation to continue chasing her goals. Her husband, Mike, has been a constant encouragement in the process of accomplishing each new task for Kidz Fashion LLC. Erqueda’s biggest struggle in business was finding the help and resources needed for her business to take shape. Since connecting with Business Development Manager, Travis Spell, and Business Development Specialist, Serah Washington, of the Riverworks Business Development HUB, Erqueda has been able to access the resources she needs to make the strides to get her business to opening day.

“Working with Travis and Serah has been very exciting. These two are very supportive and always on point with the business aspect. Riverworks has helped me gather everything I need for business and more!”

Kidz Fashion LLC is on track to open by the end of Summer 2022.


Cream City Social Eatery

Diamond Johnson is the founder of the upcoming restaurant/event space: Cream City Social Eatery, which will be located at 432 E Center St in Milwaukee. As a child, Diamond spent her childhood between her hometown of Chicago for summers and Milwaukee for school. She has earned multiple degrees and is a serial entrepreneur. Diamond’s motivation for high achievement comes from her personal drive, the knowledge she has acquired during her degree programs, and her dedication to creating a lasting legacy for her children. She shared that her biggest struggle in business has been finding the patience to wait on other people’s processes, particularly the City. Safe to say Diamond’s patience and perseverance have paid off! Cream City Social Eatery will be a social/restaurant space where everyone can come and enjoy themselves. Their two main chefs will whip up a host of different types of food, featuring dishes from all over the world! Riverworks Development Corp’s Travis Spell and Ruth Weill have supported Diamond through much of her journey.

“Travis and Ruth have been very helpful in this process. Even though I have experience as an entrepreneur, I also need guidance on some things. They have always been one call away from me.”

Cream City Social Eatery is on track to open by the end of Summer 2022.


30 Stories for 30 Years: This year marks 30 years of Riverworks Development Corporation's efforts to support residents and businesses in Harambee, Riverwest, and the surrounding communities. We have been honored to be at the table with a great variety of local and national partners and supporters, and look forward to continuing to serve this community with you all for many years to come. Please follow along with us throughout 2022 as we share stories and memories from the past three decades.

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