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MISSION: Our mission as Riverworks' Business Development HUB is to provide coaching and resources to local businesses and entrepreneurs, and to facilitate bringing local businesses and community together to create a collaborative, sustainable and happy place to live, work and grow.  

WHAT WE DO: The Business Development HUB connects local businesses to services, events and real estate opportunities. We assist in property and business improvement, security and promotion.

WHO WE SERVE: Our main service area consists of businesses and entrepreneurs within the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods, but also extends to the City of Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Setting goals and identifying the blueprint for achieving them.


Riverworks' Business Development HUB provides technical assistance to local entrepreneurs and businesses. Clients meet with our business development specialists to write a business plan, learn about understanding financial projections, and connect with local industry partners.

Contact Serah Washington or fill out our Intake Form to set up your appointment today!

Working through cash flow sheets to determine monthly overhead expenses.


Clients meet with Riverworks' Business Development Specialists to discuss all expenses that they can expect to incur on a monthly basis, and determine revenue streams to set realistic expectations. 

Contact Serah Washington or fill out our Intake Form to set up your appointment today!

Connecting with local and regional funders to access financing opportunities.

& Loans

Clients work with Riverworks' Business Development Specialists to identify what grant opportunities they may qualify for that are available for small businesses. Grant cycles and qualifications change over time, but our Business Development Specialists are up to date on funds available from and City, State, and Federal governments, as well as nonprofit sector and private sector entities. 

Riverworks' Business Development Specialists may also make introductions to local loan financing opportunities when needed, often connecting entrepreneurs to more affordable financing options, such as through Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). 

To learn more, contact Serah Washington, or check out our Business ToolBox for some available funds.

Browsing through some of the available funding resources in our Business Toolbox.


There are a wide variety of financing and grant opportunities available from the City of Milwaukee, Business Improvement Districts, and a slew of other organizations for Milwaukee's small businesses. Check out the Business Toolbox page to see some of the available resources, along with links to their  applications and guidelines.


Connect with our Business Development Specialist, Serah Washington, to further discuss which loans and/or grants might be the right fit for you!

Accessing information and advice from experienced business experts.


Any business or entrepreneur can access Riverworks' Business Development HUB's library of business webinars 24/7 to gain knowledge on various business topics ranging from business etiquette to marketing to finances.


Riverworks' Business Development Specialists collaborate with a variety of local business experts to develop these webinars to answer common business questions and concerns.

Connecting with local commercial real estate opportunities to open up shop.

Brick & Mortar

Riverworks' Business Development Specialists stay up to date with current commercial property availabilities in the City of Milwaukee and surrounding areas to match business owners with the best space for them. 

Whether you are seeking a small office space or a large retail facility, contact Serah Washington to learn more about what is available. 

Promoting local businesses and entrepreneurs through community channels.


Riverworks Development Corp has built a platform to highlight community happenings, as well as promote local businesses and entrepreneurs. We send out a regular monthly Business Spotlight email that informs the community about local businesses. 

Check out the Newsletter archive for previous Business Spotlights, and contact Serah Washington if you are interested in being considered for a future issue. 

COME ON IN! Besides what is listed above, Riverworks can showcase specific services to meet your specific business needs. We can also help connect you to other community, business and financial organizations to help you build your business. 
Schedule a meeting with our Business Development Specialist and discover how Riverworks can become an asset for your business.
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