Business Spotlight - February 2021

Business Spotlight - February 2021

As we come upon the end of Black History Month, we want to remind you of the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses ALL YEAR ROUND! Below are three great ways to support these local businesses and entrepreneurs through socially-distanced in-person events, virtual gatherings, and even a Business Directory.

MKE Black

MKE Black was founded in 2019 by Paul Wellington and Rick Banks - two people who wanted to showcase Milwaukee's Black community to local residents and tourists. The mission is to create, promote, empower, and advance Black businesses, events and culture in the greater Milwaukee area by providing resources, connections, and awareness in everyday life. One great tool that they have created is a Business Directory to help you discover and celebrate Black-owned businesses.

On Saturday, February 20th, MKE Black hosted a Blacked-owned food truck event at the Beerline Plaza in the Riverworks City Center (shown above). There was a great turnout, and they promised more events like this to come!

Please check out MKE Black's website for more information about events and resources.

The XChange Event & Creative Space

Neaokia Spillers-Collins has recently opened The Xchange Event & Creative Space in the Riverworks City Center. The XChange offers multiple venue settings. Whether it be a day or night art gallery or a meeting space. This Friday, February 26th, The XChange is hosting a Black History Celebration to showcase food and art vendors from across the African diaspora.

Visit their website for more information.

Facebook Event Page


Need a gift for a friend? Want to treat yourself? Support local businesses and entrepreneurs by visiting our 53212Marketplace website. As we continue to host virtual events that celebrate the businesses in our 53212Marketplace community, we will add to the vendors on that page. Body products, apparel, art, and so much more can be found there - all while keeping our money in the community!

Riverworks' Quarterly Meeting

Join us this Wednesday, February 24th at 6pm for the first Quarterly Meeting of 2021! We will be live on the Riverworks MKE Facebook page. This meeting will showcase Riverworks' accomplishments from 2020, along with reports on what's to come in 2021.

You'll can also find the recorded link on our website if you miss it.

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