Celebrating BID Businesses!

Riverworks, Milwaukee's Creative District, is home to over 220 businesses that employ over 2,500 people and offer a wide variety of products and services - an impressive story of urban resistance. What was previously an award ceremony, showcasing the businesses and people in the district that go out of their way to bring prosperity and jobs to the community, is now a marketing tribute to our amazing creators!

Our Creatives

We are going to highlight multiple businesses in the BID, all those within the categories of:


Construction/Wood & Metal working

Food & Beverage


Grab Bag

District Videos

Think Made-In, but with a creative approach! Each selected business will get a produced 30 second video that will be featured throughout the entire month of September, and throughout the rest of 2020. Each video will highlight the unique qualities of the business through the art of photography, allowing each business to tell their story in their own way.

Stay Tuned for the video launch!