Real Estate


WHAT WE DO: Riverworks’ real estate projects are an economic development tool meant to be profitable, sustainable, impactful and catalytic. Revenue earned from these developments is reinvested back into the organization to assist in carrying-out its social mission. Riverworks’ projects uphold the values of the organization mission and maximize the impact it has on the community in positive ways. The four core values of our real estate development projects are:
  • CREATE JOBS — We create job opportunities for people facing barriers to the workforce in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

  • INCREASE TAX REVENUES — We develop projects that will result in taxable properties or that are a assets to the community.

  • REUSE OF BLIGHTED/VACANT PROPERTY — We remove or improve blighted properties that have a negative impact on the physical surroundings of the Riverworks area. We provide business supportive services that are currently absent from the area.


  • GIVE BACK — We take revenue earned and reinvest it back into staff, innovative products and/or services that helps to resolve social issues in the community we serve.




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