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Upcoming Events & Resources - October 2020

Upcoming Events & Resources

See what we have in the works!

There is a lot happening around us right now, and we hope that everyone is safe! We just wanted to give you a quick update about a few things to keep an eye out for in our neighborhoods.


Riverworks, Milwaukee's Creative District, is home to over 220 businesses that employ over 2,500 people and offer a wide variety of products and services - an impressive story of urban resistance. We are excited to roll out a brand new project next week to showcase the businesses and people in the district that go out of their way to bring prosperity and jobs to the community!

MADE IN THE RIVERWORKS BID is a series of 30 or-so promotional videos that each celebrate a business located in the BID. These videos will be released throughout the rest of 2020, and will live on long after that. Each video will highlight the unique qualities of the business through photography, allowing each business to tell their story in their own way.

The businesses that will be highlighted are within the following categories: Art/Performance/Fashion, Construction/Wood and Metal Working, Food & Beverage and Makers/Manufacturing. Some of the first businesses we plan to spotlight include CTC Supplies, JLaubArt, The Ladle Lady, Siddhi Yoga, and Strong Microbials.

Please stay tuned and join us in celebrating our amazing local creators!

Harambee Tot Lot Bench Design

Riverworks is working with local artist, Marina Lee, on adding benches to the Harambee Tot Lot on Palmer and Keefe. There have been many additions to the park over the years, and the latest investment is in these benches that will continue the theme of the park: "Inspiration". Since we are unable to gather folks for a design session, we are encouraging virtual feedback on the design of these benches. The deadline for feedback is this Friday, October 16th. Please check out the link below and let us know your thoughts!

MKE Market Match

MKE Market Match doubles your dollars up to $20 per person, per day. When you use your QUEST card at the market, you will receive tokens and additional coupons for free fruits and veggies up to $20. Match vouchers will expire November 21, 2020. Visit the farmers market booth for more information.

Team Member Highlight

Meet Paty, the Financial Clinic’s Program Assistant. Paty specializes in carrying out administrative tasks that impact the daily operations of the program. She provides information and resources to help individuals and families achieve any financial goals they may have. She also case manages the City of Milwaukee’s referrals that the financial clinic receives. Paty’s background consists of case management and real estate. Paty is passionate in helping individuals and families, case managing, she enjoys traveling, sports, and appreciates family and friends.  

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