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Business Spotlight - Special Brew City Match Edition

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Congrats Brew City Match Winners!

At Riverworks Development Corp, we’re fiercely dedicated to the success of the community we serve and the clients we support. Our Business Development HUB and Financial Clinic teams help guide entrepreneurs through the process of bringing their vision to a reality. Whether it’s an inclusive coffee shop, personalized mental health care, or anything in between, we connect these entrepreneurs with organizations like Brew City Match to secure key funding for their projects.

Brew City Match is an initiative that aims to revitalize commercial corridors by supporting MKE entrepreneurs to create and develop business plans, access financial resources, and secure commercial space for their business. Applicants for the program are reviewed and the winners receive grant funding that can be tremendously helpful in starting and growing their businesses. Riverworks' Business Development HUB coaches worked closely with entrepreneurs to submit funding applications, and we are thrilled to see so many of them awarded these grants! Check out all of the Brew City Match winners here!

"The winners highlighted here are prime examples of the talent, passion and vision Milwaukee has to offer. It's such a privilege to work alongside the Brew City Match Program to support them on their path to success!"

- Serah Washington, Business Development Specialist, Riverworks Business Development HUB

To learn more about the Riverworks Business Development HUB click here.


Style Pop Café

Style Pop Café brings the innovative, productive and resourceful energy of a coffee shop into people's own private spaces through their "mobile café". They specialize in delicious coffee, beverages, creamers, hand pies, donuts, and other tasty offerings. The founders were compelled to create a brand of coffee that would summon people's courage to be true to themselves, helping to make who they are "POP".

“We are thrilled to be winners of the Brew City Match funds; what a great way to start off the New Year! Style Pop Café plans to open a bright, vibrant, comfortable, and classy coffee shop... It is beautiful to know that we have guidance and genuine support from the Riverworks Development Corporation; we look forward to bringing our vision to fruition and couldn't ask for a better team of professionals to get us pointed in the right direction!”


Home Care Therapy LLC

Home Care Therapy offers counseling services by experienced health professionals virtually or in the comfort of your home. They provide cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients handle anxiety and life transitions, and strive to end feelings of inadequacy and sadness. After working with their licensed counselors, clients learn to build better relationships and have improved self-confidence.

“The Brew City Match process was simple and straightforward. I am excited about the resources and networking opportunities provided by the program. I plan on using the funds to acquire a space to provide in-person therapy and counseling groups as well as services in the herbal medicine and alternative therapy fields. Home Care Therapy’s new space will bring together a community that allows people to improve their mental health and focus on overall wellbeing in their lives.”


Cream City Social Eatery

Scheduled to open soon at 432 E Center Street, the Cream City Social Eatery looks to provide a unique atmosphere coupled with one-of-a-kind cuisine and both original and classic spirit blends. They have entirely remodeled their space at the corner of Center and Holton with stunning woodwork and exposed cream city brick, and bring life to the space with colorful paintings and art.


Different Shades of Healing

Located in the Villard Business Center at 6830 W Villard Avenue, Different Shades of Healing is focused on providing interventions that are specific to the individual(s) and their symptoms. At Different Shades of Healing, they realize there is no one way to heal. They offer counseling, parent coaching, mentoring, and workshops to provide individualized methods to heal and process life experiences.


Community Food Truck

Community Food Truck is passionate about great food, service and quality. They have served the community for over 12 years in the Milwaukee area.


SpotLight Barbers LLC

Spotlight Barber Shop, currently located at 2673 N Buffum Street in Harambee, is a kid-friendly family environment that has been serving the community for over twenty years. They provide professional grooming and life mentoring skills for both young and old.

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