Business Spotlight - February 2022

Business Spotlight - February 2022

Greeting Friends and Neighbors:

Many of us aspire to have a healthier mind and body, but need help achieving those goals. Lucky enough, our community is teaming with professionals and businesses to walk you through your journey! From a gym to personal care products, and even a podcast about love and life, there are resources for whatever you may need! Please check out these businesses and support local whenever possible!

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Matt Drilias Personal Training & Fun Seeker Fitness

Matt Drilias' Personal Training and Katie Hunt’s Fun Seeker Fitness opened a new personal training studio at 3473 N Booth ST. Matt and Katie spent several years in other gyms before creating their own. Matt and Katie offer a variety of in-person and online classes, workshops, and trainings.

Website - Matt Drilias

Website - Fun Seeker Fitness

“We are excited to be a part of the Riverwest community, and we love the personal training space we have created here. I got into this business because I enjoy teaching, coaching, and working with people, and I was frustrated by the fitness information we see in online clickbait and on the magazine stands. We want to provide simple, time-saving, effective exercise solutions.” - Matt

“I was the kid who avoided gym class at all costs, but in my 20s discovered how good I felt when I exercised, and I was hooked. I want to give my clients that experience. I believe fitness can be welcoming, accepting, and even -- SHOCKER -- FUN! We are here to help you makeover your mindset and muscles and live the life you desire -- engaged, empowered, and energized!” - Katie


Aloekui Natural Soaps

Rita Estremera started making soap for her kids to combat eczema and other skin conditions. With the great results she had on their skin, Rita decided to turn her home remedies into a business. Since 2008 her passion has grown and today she makes a variety of soaps that everyone can enjoy.

Business Website

“We are changing lives, creating jobs and making people’s lives better. Aloekui is a Milwaukee-made and Dominican Republic inspired soap business, committed to deliver the best handmade natural soap in the Midwest.” - Rita


Brunch with Besties Podcast

Chanel and Sherry Renee are besties on a mission to heal and help others as they heal and help themselves through purpose-driven conversations. They embark on weekly conversations around purpose as it relates to love, life, career, and anything in between.

Business Website

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