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MISSION: We work with residents to create a vibrant community that reflects the culture and values of Harambee and Riverwest.  We believe that neighborhood development needs to begin with a resident-driven approach that enhances individual neighborhoods and connects the City of Milwaukee.
WHAT WE DO: We facilitate ways for neighbors to connect with each other and address their most critical concerns.  Whether you have safety concerns, looking to rehab your home, or want to get more involved in your community — Riverworks staff is here to help!
WHO WE SERVE: We focus on fostering healthy and thriving communities for Harambee and Riverwest residents.

The Harambee NID provides an additional resource to help homeowners maintain their homes.  Learn more about the Harambee NID by clicking the link below

Neighborhood Improvement Districts are a great tool to protect and enhance neighborhood assets. 

Neighborhood improvement district

Neighborhood improvement district

The City of Milwaukee offers programs designed to help homeowners maintain their homes and Riverworks staff is here to help you navigate which program is right for you. To learn more about home rehab programs, click here or contact Clarissa Morales at 414-882-7434.

Assistance to homeowners

Is your roof leaking?  Does your porch need some attention? 

Assistance to homeowners

Is there a vacant lot near you that could use some beautification?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

Is there a vacant lot near you that could use some beautification? 

community improvement projects

community improvement projects

Community Improvement Projects can be supported through the City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation.

Opportunity Zones are areas designed to provide federal tax incentives that encourage developers to invest in low-income neighborhoods through a temporary tax deferral for capital gains. 


Census tract 6900, located in the Harambee neighborhood is the opportunity zone that overlaps the Riverworks BID, the Beerline Trail and the Harambee NID. Riverworks has identified opportunity sites within these districts that can be easily developed with the right developer.

Are you a developer looking to make a positive impact on your community?





Through our monthly community crime and safety meeting, partnered with Safe and Sound, the District Attorney’s office, and District 5 Community Officers from the Milwaukee Police District, we share important resources with residents. Past featured topics have included the MPD’s Bicycle Theft Reduction initiative and DNS’ Renter’s Rights program. Each month, we also talk about

connecting to Safety resources

Monthly Crime and Safety Meetings in Harambee and Riverwest.

connecting to SAfety resources

current crime trends in the neighborhood and steps residents can take to keep themselves and their families safe. Moreover, we are encouraging a collaborative relationship between community members and local police, to encourage a holistic approach to crime prevention.

At Riverworks, we support neighborhood revitalization by connecting people with jobs, supporting home ownership and providing opportunities for neighbors to get together.  Sometimes, the best way to improve the neighborhood is to simply roll up your sleeves and get to work. 

We coordinate neighborhood clean-ups, support Community Improvement Projects and work together to raise the standards in our neighborhood.  We use Healthy Neighborhood principles that address the real estate market and physical conditions, while promoting a positive image by empowering residents.  We are one of the Greater Milwaukee Foundations                                  .          

Helping beautify the Harambee, Riverwest and surrounding neighborhood.




In 2019, Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods (RON) won The MANDI  Northwestern Mutual Collaboration Award.  

RON was initiated in 2013, after a redlining lawsuit was won by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council which provided funds for training and financial resources for Washington Park Partners, Riverworks Development Corporation, and the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative to conduct surveys in their neighborhoods. 


This collaboration has grown to involve public and private stakeholders and was instrumental in the development of the City of Milwaukee’s award-winning Compliance Loan Program.

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