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Help Riverworks Win $5,000!

Help Riverworks Win $5,000!

Please Vote & Share Before Wednesday, May 6th

When you vote for the Riverworks project, you help increase our chances to win $5000 towards the community project. Also, kindly share with your family and friends so we get the most votes. You will find more information below and the link to vote.  

Riverworks recently participated in the Co-Lab program - a collaboration with The Commons, NEWaukee and Start Up Milwaukee - along with Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square. This was a deeply engaging and experiential opportunity for a select group of Milwaukeeans to apply their diverse skills, build new connections into the city, and work together to produce a high-impact solution for a real community issue. 

In recent years, the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods have re-positioned themselves as a district for creatives and makers, including the investment in the new co-working space, THE VIBE. The participants of this Co-Lab program looked at how can THE VIBE start to break down the barriers for the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods and help connect the neighborhoods together to create a more accommodating space for events and entrepreneurs.

Please click on the link below to view all three neighborhood presentations. After viewing all three you will be asked to vote on the best project. Please consider voting for The VIBE Together project, the prize money would go a long way in assisting in the mission of bridging the Riverwest and Harambee communities together.

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