BID #25

MISSION: Riverworks BID #25 (RBID) seeks to improve, maintain, and promote the Riverworks Center (the physical boundaries of the Business Improvement District) through thoughtful programs and services for the benefit of property owners, tenants, consumers and residents.

WHAT WE DO: The Riverworks BID: Milwaukee's Creative District, focuses on three key areas to maintain and improve the appearance and perception of the Riverworks Center:​


  • Public Safety & Appearance

  • Marketing & Promoting

  • Business & Property Assistance


Public Safety

& Appearance


& Promotion

creative District

Business & Property


Letter from our Board President

Carl Nilssen

Board President

I’ve noticed that when I tell people I work in the Riverworks BID, a whole new interesting line of discussion ensues. Even more so when my descriptor is Milwaukee’s Creative District. I believe that’s true because, as employees and business owners, we are finding identity and pride in our district. We are excited to spread the news about the positive things happening here in Riverworks: Milwaukee’s Creative District.


Large employers continue to do well, and we are welcoming more small businesses every year. Real estate demand is high and investment is landing in one of our region’s most dynamic business districts. A craft brewery, pretzel makers, design build firms, eateries - all recent community amenities that are adding value and options within the district. Commerce and community in action. 


The BID continues to award facade grants, provide street beautification services and technical assistance, maintaining strong relations with the City of Milwaukee. Even more exciting for our district was the creation of the BID Business Development Specialist, a new staff position held by Kate Bartlett.


Riverworks will be concentrating on building a new website, compiling data, facilitating more networking, and generally providing more technical assistance for our BID businesses. Kate will be spearheading many of these efforts, so please welcome her to our district and help her get the information she needs.


A number of very exciting advancements worked their way through the 2018 calendar year - but honestly, I think that was just setting the table for an even more productive 2019.


We should all feel very proud to be a part of this urban renewal and success story. I hope to see you at the many BID sponsored events, and that you tell everyone that you work in Riverworks: Milwaukee’s Creative District!


Think: Riverworks’ Businesses First!


-  Carl Nilssen

   Riverworks BID Board President

Board of Directors

Carl Nilssen


BIG MPG Design/Marketing

Cliff Wenniger


Wenniger Compressor

Steve Chitwood


PNC Bank

Sandy Woycke


CTC Supplies

Meg Hopkins


BID Property Owner

Bob Smith


BID Property Owner

Kevin Riordan


The Boerke Company

Mark Porecca


BID Property Owner

L.C. Whitehead


RET Lounge


Darryl Johnson

Executive Director

Kate Bartlett

Business Development Specialist