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We're Hiring! Great Job Opportunities at Riverworks!

Riverworks is Hiring!

So many exciting new programs are abound here at Riverworks, and we are looking for the right candidates to help us make an impact in Harambee, Riverwest and the surrounding communities! Take a look at the variety of job opportunities we have available, and please share with your networks!


Financial Clinic Director

Riverworks' Financial Clinic Director is in charge of overseeing the day to day operations of the Clinic, provides financial coaching and support services, manages the VITA tax preparation season, and develops partnerships to further the impact of our services. This position supervises, recruits, and trains staff, and participates in fundraising and marketing activities.


Harambee Neighborhood Development Manager

A new position here at Riverworks, the Harambee Neighborhood Development Manager will serve as the point of contact for the Quality of Life Plan for Harambee, develop relationships and build collaborations, and track the success of the program. They will supervise staff, facilitate community meetings, assist with fundraising efforts, and report out on the plan and progress.


Various AmeriCorps

Service Opportunities

Riverworks is currently seeking candidates for three AmeriCorps positions. Each position is for one-quarter time (full time, for three months this summer). The positions are for:

- Financial Clinic Tax Preparation

- Harambee Quality of Life Support

- Beerline Trail Community Engagement

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