Riverworks Newsletter - March 2020 Edition

53212 Town Hall Meeting with Alders Milele Coggs & Nik Kovac - December 4, 2019

Riverworks Newsletter - March 2020

We are excited to send our first newsletter of the decade! All of the staff at Riverworks is geared up and working hard to bring our best in 2020. Be sure to take a look at the upcoming events at the bottom of this newsletter. We hope to see you soon!

Extraordinary Care from the Financial Clinic

2020 VITA Tax Season in full swing!

The Financial Clinic works to build financial security for every family we serve by providing EXTRAORDINARY CARE without judgement.  Staff at Riverworks' Financial Clinic understand how financial setbacks can cause trauma to your financial health, and offer tools and resources for overcoming that trauma. One important example of trauma to your financial health is an Income Tax Garnishment, which can occur if you don’t file your income taxes by April 15th. Here are the Financial Clinic’s TOP 5 reasons why you should file a tax return;

  1. It’s the law!

  2. Buying a home usually requires that you’ve filed your tax return for the past 2 years.

  3. You need to file your recent tax returns to get student loan aid for FAFSA.

  4. If you’re self-employed, you might be missing out on increased Social Security contribution for when you retire. 

  5. The IRS might file substitute for returns for you without deduction and you’ll owe more taxes than if you’d filed them yourself, AND YOUR PAYCHECK CAN BE GARNISHED.

The Financial Clinic’s VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program prepares taxes for free.  If your household income is below $58,000 please go to https://calendly.com/vita-rdc to schedule your appointment today!! Contact to Learn More

Roofers working on a resident's home within the NID
Previous Bloom & Groom at Riverworks

Neighborhood News

Strong Partnerships are Key!

The Harambee Neighborhood Improvement District (NID#7) will be holding its Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 14th from 10:00am-1:00pm at Solomon Community Temple Church, 3295 N Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. At this meeting, residents and property owners within the Harambee NID boundaries will be able to run for a seat on the Board of Directors and cast their vote. For more information about running for the Harambee NID Board of Directors or voting, please contact Amy Rohan at 414.882.4778 or by email. Save the date--In partnership with the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation and Lowe’s, Riverworks will be holding its annual Bloom& Groom plant sale on May 9th, beginning at 10:00am in The VIBE parking lot on Holton Street and Concordia Avenue. This sale offers annuals, perennials, hanging baskets and vegetables at a generous discount. Proceeds support Riverworks community events throughout the Summer of 2020. Check out the Riverworks calendar for more information about what’s in store for 2020.

It’s a great time of year to begin thinking about home repairs you might like to make this year. There may be some resources – Targeted Investment Neighborhood loan, Strong Homes Loan or the Compliance Loan Program, for example – that can help make critical, major repairs more affordable. Please contact Amy Rohan at 414.882.4778 or by email for more information or assistance with an application.

Photos from the Beerline Trail Art Days event series in Summer 2019

Arts, Culture, Creative Placemaking

The Summer is Coming!

Riverworks and partners are extremely excited to present the following summer activities being hosted on the Beerline Trail. Last year was good but this year will be great. We're bringing back past favorites, adding exciting new ones and improving the tried and trues. We are also looking forward to having community members host their own activities on the trail which Riverworks is happy to support.  Upcoming Summer Activities

  • Community Dinner on the  Capitol Bridge

  • Fashion Cipher

  • 53212Marketplace

  • Music on the Beerline

Please look out for more details, times and dates!  Contact to Learn More

Teresa Hawthorne of Decently Ordered

The Buzz in THE VIBE

Decently Ordered

There is always something new taking place at THE VIBE! One of our freshest members, Mrs. Teresa Hawthorne of Decently Ordered, shared an enlightening piece of wisdom; she said, “You have to find your flow and what fuels you!” What a profound statement! Hawthorne is passionate about helping people and organizations bring order to their life and business operations. Through her business, she is dedicated to providing the information, guidance, instruction, and hands-on assistance needed to help people achieve their fullest potential. In our interactions with Mrs. Hawthorne, we can assure you she has definitely found her “flow and what fuels” her.

She started Decently Ordered, a Productivity Consulting and Professional Organizing company, because she recognized that people have higher aspirations for their home, personal life, and business. To be successful, she believes individuals and businesses have to have a foundation of order in their spaces, with their time, how they work using sound planning, and by having systems & processes in place to make things operate and flow smoothly. Hawthorne practices what she preaches.  Before starting her business, she had a successful career as a Paralegal and Paralegal Manager in law firms, where part of her responsibility was to train paralegals and office staff in how to be more efficient and productive.

Teresa Hawthorne had a home-based business for three years, offering services solely in her clients’ homes and offices.  She became a Member of THE VIBE because she needed an environment for greater focus as she continues to grow her business, and she wants clients to have the option to come to her.  She conducts workshops at THE VIBE that allow people to learn to be better organized and more productive as they pursue their goals and dreams. Catch THE VIBE!

Cleans Crew helped out at the BLT Art Days events!