John Cervantes

Riverworks Cleans Business Manager

John has been with Riverworks for over five years, and currently manages Riverworks Cleans. Riverworks Cleans is a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities to Milwaukee residents while improving Milwaukee neighborhoods and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). He has secured contracts with six BIDs as well as a vacant lot clean up contract with the City of Milwaukee; in doing so, Riverworks is able to employee two seasonal and four full time Milwaukee residents.


The Riverworks Cleans crew works to pick up litter, clean up illegally dumped materials, return stolen property to businesses, remove graffiti, install and maintain green spaces including along the Beerline Trail, and so much more. John oversees all of the work that the crew is doing, takes in requests, reports back to business and government entities, ensures the functionality of all of the equipment, and helps with the hands-on tasks as needed.