Financial Clinic Workshops
CREDIT HEALTH BUILDS WEALTH: This workshop is an important step to financial security, understanding the credit report, and building a positive credit history. Participants will receive a copy of their Tri-merge credit report, a credit analysis, and a road map with recommendations on how to repair and maintain a good credit score.
MONEY MATTERS: A good place to start taking control of your financial situation is to develop a personal spending plan (budget). Budgeting is about choices - choosing how to make money and choosing how to spend money. Budgeting will help participants build assets; building assets improves the quality of life for families. Each participant will receive a composition note book and create a budget in class.
BANKING SERVICES: There are many different types of financial institutions and each one offers a number of different services. This workshop will help participants understand how to begin using and trusting services from banking institutions. This workshop promotes the importance of saving and introduces credit building products; it's a perfect fit for unbanked participants.
CONSUMER SAVVY: You work hard for your money. Retailers work equally hard to get your money. Being a savvy consumer means looking beyond the sales signs and assessing the true value of a product. Identity theft - When someone takes your personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft, people are left with the headache of proving that they aren't responsible for the debt. Participants will learn ways to take immediate action to repair the damage and learn new ways to minimize risk of identity theft.
JOB SEARCH BOOT CAMP: Job searches consist of three phases; preparing, marketing, and selling. This workshop is designed to help participants prepare for their next job by building a resume, dressing for success and obtaining the right language to talk through those tough interview questions. 
HOMEOWNERSHIPS 101: Buying a home is probably going to be the biggest purchase of one's life. By the the time participants leave this workshop they will have a better understanding of how to make their home-buying dream a reality.
INSURANCE: A simple overview about insurance protection while providing a clear explanation of coverage options for home, car, and life insurance. This workshop is facilitated by a licensed Insurance Agency. Banking Products That Work For You - Explore banking products and solutions that fit participant's financial goals. Participants will receive an overview of financial institutions bank products and services. 
FREE TAX PREPARATION: Participants can receive their federal and state income taxes completed and transmitted to the IRS & State. 
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