The Financial Clinic's mission is to provide innovative solutions to help families to revitalize their full financial potential by increasing credit scores and learning new ways to cultivate a healthy and happy financial life.
The Financial Clinic combines both one-on-one financial coaching and group-based education to help participants improve financial behaviors and maximize five core financial services areas: 
  • Credit Score and Money Management
  • Small Business Development/Entrepreneurship
  • All Year round Tax Clinic (preparing taxes)
  • Homeownership Coaching
  • Debt Management
We provide a comprehensive and authentic action plan and monthly case management to educate participants on increasing credit scores, budgeting, preparing taxes, increasing income, and managing debt. 
The Financial Clinic is a "One Stop" center which offers an integrate mix of services focusing on individuals and entrepreneurs. The Financial Clinic also partners with a wide variety of local agencies to provide financial empowerment workshops and coaching services.
The Financial Clinic is open to all Milwaukee residents with special emphasis on Riverworks surrounding neighborhoods (Harambee and Riverwest). 
A majority of our participants are referred to us by lenders, partner agencies and workforce groups to help families that were denied products dues to credit scores. Our ultimate goal is to refer them back to the lenders once their credit scores have increased.

518 E Concordia Ave