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Like Shark Tank, Only Gentler

Milwaukee's original pitch contest is back again! Discover with us and our expert panel of judges who will be Milwaukee's next hot business. New this year, our contestants are presenting to the virtual world and, in addition to the winner picked by the judges, the community gets to have a voice! It's a contest wrapped inside of a celebration - Dolphin Pool style!

The Pool

6 entrepreneurs will be chosen to pitch their start-up concept to a panel of expert judges as they compete for a prize package and local celebrity-status on their way to global domination. And best of all, we're taking it virtual to reach a larger audience!

Contestant Videos will be showcased on Monday, September 21 and the winners will be announced Friday, September 25.

Stay tuned for all new updates!

Teens Grown Greens Virtual Pitch

Teens Grow Greens is a Milwaukee based youth entrepreneurship organizaiton, dedicated to guiding teens to  learn, grow and go! 17 TGG teams will be narrowed down to 2 top teams, who will face off through our virtual showcase to become the TGG Champion. Fortunately for the audience, we are going to make all TGG team video accessible to the public.

Every year these kids steal the show and our hearts!

Apply here!

Want to be a contestant,

here's what you need to know...

Since contestants are pitching virtually, we need to know that you have what it takes to sell your business on screen. What does that mean? Good Question! You will need to submit a 1.5 - 2 minute video along with your application, and both will be used to pick our top 6 finalists.

So who's recording what?

Both you and us!

If you are submitting an application to be a contestant, it's up to you to record your video. We aren't expecting perfections here, we just want to know how comfortable telling your story while on camera.

If you are a finalist, leave the recording up to us! We will set up a time with you and our videographers to create an awesome video to pitch your business.

And the Winner is....

Every year we have an expert panel of judges select the winner and we are doing that again this year. The judges will go virtual and discuss their decision making process and announce the winners. In previous years, the event has been a winner take all....not this year. We are handing out prizes to the top 3!

First place = $2,500

Second Place = $1,000

Third Place = $500

But that's not all! We are also going to have a Community Choice winner. Once the videos of the top 6 finalists go live, you will have the opportunity throughout the week to share the videos and allow the community to vote on their favorite. 

Community Choice = $250 & Special Prize Package with services to help them foster and grow their business.

Teens Grown Greens Winners

This year our two finalists from Teens Grow Greens will also be receiving a cut of the winnings! Both teams will awarded with a special prize package filled with services to help them foster their entrepreneurial dreams, as well as cash. First place will receive $300, and second place will receive $100.

Let's take some time to reminesce!

Below is an amazing video of last year's Dolphin Pool and Teens Grow Greens Pitch Night, recapping the unique and exciting experience that is The Dolphin Pool. Thanks to our videographer and photographer, TankThink, for this powerful and moving work of art.

Dolphin Pool Recap 2019