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Thank you to our community for taking the time to participate in the Dolphin Pool event and showing your support for our amazing finalists. Click the video next to each finalist to watch their 4-minute pitch. Below, find more information about what your vote will mean to the winning finalist and learn about our amazing partners.

Each person gets one vote!

Voting opens on Monday, September 21 at 6am.

Voting closes on Friday, September 25 at 5pm. 

Winners will be announced LIVE on Friday, September 25 at 7pm on
Facebook @RiverworksMKE or follow the link below.

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The Pool

6 entrepreneurs will be chosen to pitch their start-up concept to a panel of expert judges as they compete for a prize package and local celebrity-status on their way to global domination. And best of all, we're taking it virtual to reach a larger audience!

Contestant Videos will be showcased on Monday, September 21 and the winners will be announced Friday, September 25.

Teens Grown Greens Virtual Pitch

Teens Grow Greens (TGG) is a Milwaukee based youth entrepreneurship organization, dedicated to guiding teens to learn, grow and go! 11 TGG teams will be narrowed down to 2 top teams, who will face off through our virtual showcase to become the TGG Champion. Fortunately for the audience, we are going to make all TGG team videos accessible to the public.

Every year these kids steal the show and our hearts!

2020 Dolphin Pool Finalists

Classic Shoppe

The Classic Shoppe is a clothing design company and retail store within the Sherman Phoenix in Milwaukee. Their designs are original and creatively showcase how culture is not a trend. The Classic Shoppe aims to increase respect and pride among the community that wears their clothing, and to share knowledge about hip hop culture.

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Little Food Company

Little Food Co purees are mom-made from scratch, feature locally sourced produce, and are frozen to seal in freshness & flavor. Little Food Co has a whopping 30 innovative recipes to guide your baby on a journey of flavor! Research shows that exposing baby's palate to new tastes from an early age helps prevent picky eaters as children grow.

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Outwoken Tea

Outwoken tea's mission is to create awareness about the environment by challenging your mentality, so as to improve the future of our planet. By directly sourcing tea from small farms you receive better quality product. These teas are grown in the mountains, fed with natural spring water, coexist in ecological reserves and are pesticide free. 

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DyWy Design

DyWy Design sells a design and build service; they engage clients in the design, and develop out-of-the-ordinary interior and exterior environments for home, business, and community. Made up of creators Dylan and Wyethe, this duo builds art to express love, compassion, whimsy, and fun. They have an eye for perfection, abstract ideas, and sustainable practices.

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MuSample's mission is to automate the process of sample clearance for musicians through innovative education, monetization, and rights management so as to ensure that all music creatives obtain a financial return on their musical investments. The MuSample team is made up of musicians, singer-songwriters, and both business and tech saavy individuals.

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Wholesome Diaper Co.

The Wholesome Diaper is a local Milwaukee company providing cloth diapering services for modern families. Through a weekly service, The Wholesome Diaper will drop off freshly laundered cloth diapers at your front door, and pick up the used ones. They make it convenient and affordable to diaper your baby with the very best.

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Teens Grow Greens Finalists

Coeur d'Afrique

Teens Grow Greens Finalist

Seaur Skin

Teens Grow Greens Finalist


TGG Link Launches Tuesday, Sept 22

We're Here


Congrats to our Teens Grow Greens Runner-Up, We're Here! 

Click Here to watch all 11 Teen Team pitch in the Preliminary Round.


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