Amy Rohan

Community Asset Development Specialist

During her years at Riverworks, Amy has focused on equitable neighborhood development in Harambee and Riverwest. These two neighborhoods share many positive attributes—friendly neighbors, longtime residents and a similar housing stock. However, stark disparities are apparent in the real estate market along Holton Street, which is a boundary between these two neighborhoods.


Amy is dedicated to supporting current homeowners by connecting them to resources that provide affordable access to critical home repairs. These homeowners are the heart and soul of our neighborhoods; keeping them safely in their homes, while ensuring that their investment continues to build wealth for their families, is essential in community development.


She also works with neighbors and the City of Milwaukee to find solutions for problematic properties, to beautify public spaces, and to facilitate opportunities for residents to work together on the issues which they’ve identified as the most pressing. If you would like to learn more about what types of home rehab resources are available or are interested in becoming more active in your community, please contact Amy.