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On Saturday, August 28th, 2021, Riverworks hosted the inaugural Beerline Shuffle. It was a community walk on the Beerline Trail covering the area from the Capitol Drive overpass to Snail’s Crossing Park. The Shuffle began and ended at the Beerline Plaza, located next to the hummingbird shipping container mural - and site of the soon to be constructed green infrastructure project. Activities included a scavenger hunt, a community puzzle mural, a water balloon challenge, temporary tattoos, ice cream and music by the Nei Phi Neph Marching Knights, Pocket Change on the Funk Wagon, Roxie Beane and Michael Bootzin. Special thanks to all who participated in the event, as well as our supporters including: Wells Fargo, Colectivo, Trader Joe’s, Outpost, Hometown Mart, Scratch Ice Cream, Urban Craftsman and The City of Milwaukee.

2021 Beerline Shuffle
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