To learn details about what Riverworks does to promote a healthy housing market in our target geographies of Harambee and Riverwest, please contact Amy Rohan on our staff at 414-906-9650 or email us at housing@riverworksmke.org. Some of our involvement with housing includes:

Beerline Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) Program

The Targeted Investment Neighborhood Program (TIN) offers partially forgivable loans for up to $30,000 for owner occupants, and $14,999 per unit for responsible investor owners.   As a Community Partner we help promote the program and assist with the application process.  Only properties within the TIN geography are eligible - Check the map to see if you qualify.

Challenge Fund

The City of Milwaukee and the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) have committed to the rehabilitation of 15 City owned properties in the Harambee neighborhood for homeownership.  The transformation of these properties from nuisances into family-friendly residences will benefit not only the neighbors adjacent to these homes but the neighborhood as a whole.  Contact us If you or someone you know might be interested in making one of these turnkey properties your new home.

Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Riverworks receives support from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to help improve the quality of life in the northern sections of Harambee and Riverwest that we focus on.  Through this initiative, neighborhoods transform through thoughtful attention to activities that fall under one of four guiding principles that guide much of our work as an organization:

• Improve physical conditions
• Support meaningful connections between neighbors that empower residents to raise standards in their neighborhoods
• Project a positive image
• Stabilize the real estate market by attracting new home buyers and encouraging continued investment among residents

Connections like a garden contest, a housing comitee, and a safety task force are all examples of what Riverworks has helped facilitate in the last year.

Highlighted Homes For Sale

Check out three "Ready-To-Go Homes" that we are promoting for owner occupancy in partnership with the City of Milwaukee's Strong Neighborhoods Plan and the Milwaukee Challenge Fund by clicking here.  These homes are being completely rennovated and will be "move in" ready.  For more information on the properties and neighborhood amenities contact Amy Rohan at amyr@riverworksmke.org.

TIN Borders Map


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