Community Projects & Initiatives

Overview of Programs and Goals
We help improve the physical conditions, as well as perceptions of our community.  If you have an idea for a project, event, or want to lend a hand in making our neighborhood a better place, we would love to hear from you! 

Arts and Culture - 

Riverworks embraces Creative Placemaking, a comprehensive community development approach that intentionally embeds arts, culture, and community-engaged design into strategies to stabilize communities. Our staff is dedicated to planning, developing, coordinating, implementing and evaluating a range of community Art and Culture initiatives through engaging residents, with an emphasis on the Harambee neighborhood.  This includes collaboration with our creative placemaking partners in the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project, a Kresge Foundation supported initiative spearheaded by the Greater Milwaukee Committee in the Riverworks area.

Riverwest Community Organizer - 

Riverworks is the City funded agency to carry out community organizing activities in partnership with the Block Grant Office for the Riverwest neighborhood.  By engaging residents and stakeholders through door-to-door outreach, community meetings, neighborhood associations, safety initiatives, etc. we serve as a resource-provider and liaison for the neighborhood.  This engagement often leads to great community projects and initiatives that we help implement.  If you have any questions about this work, interest in partnering with us to improve the community, etc. please contact our Riverwest Community Organizer, Amber Ascher at 414-906-9650 or email her at


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