Holiday Bazaar

Staging a Pilot Market for Food, Fun, and Surveys - Of Course!

Over 200 people came out during a heavy blizzard to support local artists at our Holiday Bazaar on December 16th!

Rubber spun outside, but vinyl spun inside, as people enjoyed the music and party atmosphere, and support for local artists, makers, and food vendors won out. We had 30 vendors and between 200-300 shoppers pass through. An emphasis was placed on sourcing vendors from our neighborhoods of Riverwest and Harambee. Staying true to the spirit of the grant, we tried to be as localized as possible when testing the reception of mixed use market places in our neighborhoods.

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Beyond measuring the turnout and vendor participation, we had our Resident Champions, or Researchers, on site with surveys they created to get specific information about what both vendors and potential shoppers are looking for in a market. The main survey questions were crafted by the residents themselves, and did a great job collecting a lot of useful data. 

An overwhelming majority vendors were interested in future pilot markets organized by our planning team and we look forward to them as Spring draws nearer. Keep your eyes peeled for our local vendors in the neighborhood.


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