First Core Advisor Meeting

Planning a Year-Round Community Market!

We held our first meeting of Core Advisors at the Riverworks Lofts last Thursday. Our planning team brought together a mixture of experts, all relating to the different goals of this market. We had organizers of large, city-wide markets, urban development specialists, respected neighborhood figures, a local nurse to comment on the health needs of the community, and many others.

Introductions were made while many people met for the first time. As the scope and potential of the market became clearer to the Core Advisors, the feeling in the room played between excitement and uncertainty. The are literally so many different needs and directions we can go, it's a bit overwhelming.

As planners and organizers we have our work cut out for us, but we are feeling very confident in the people we have brought into project, and are excited to dig in at our next meeting.


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