Our Proud Partnership with the Kresge Foundation

The Story of Fresh Local Equitable

In 2016 Riverworks became one of 26 organizations across the country to receive the very first round of "FreshLo" funding from the Kresge Foundation.  FreshLo, short for Fresh, Local & Equitable, is a new initiative launched by Kresge's Arts & Culture Program and Health Program.  They are interested in neighborhood-scale projects that have been developed with strong community engagement and leadership; prioritize equity; involve multiple sectors and disciplines; and demonstrate a high degree of readiness to implement an integrated, cross-sectoral vision of food-oriented development.  For more information on the initiative (and other grantees), check out the following news link - Announcing the FreshLo Menu: Food, Arts and Culture.

Our Planning Process

The FreshLo award is a planning grant, with the goal to produce an implementation plan that can be utilized to successfully push projects forward.  In our case, our planning process focuses on developing a market in the Riverworks area that promotes healthy foods, creative placemaking, entrepreneurship, and that has a hyperlocal focus.  Our planning process is being led by a number of individuals including our lead planning team of UW-Milwaukee's Center for Economic Development and P3 Development, a group of eight Core Advisors who bring expertise to our process across multiple sectors, a team of Resident Consultants who lead a community survey project and help build the vision for the market, and a "Vendor Champion" team - vendors from the community who plan and implement "Pilot Markets" with us.  With partners in the community we have led and supported five pilot markets and have two more planned in spring.  We are scheduled to complete our implementation plan by June 2017.

53212 is Planning a Market - Here is what our residents said.

53212 is Planning a Market from Dave Laack on Vimeo.

What's comming Up

We are in the process of defining our 2019 monthly market schedule that will run from April through October.  We continue our market and feasibility study work, community surveying, building our vendor inventory, exploring entrepreneurial programming that will be incorporated into the market, and developing our "staged growth" framework that will push towards a permanent, indoor market space.  If you would like more information about our planning process, please contact Rosalynn Wolfe at rosalynnw@riverworksmke.org.


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