Business Improvement Districts

Our Mission

The Riverworks Business Improvement District (RBID) seeks to improve, maintain, and promote the Riverworks Center through thoughtful programs and services for the benefit of property owners, tenants, consumers and residents.

The RBID focuses on three key areas to maintain and improve the appearance and perception of the Riverworks Center:

  1. Public Safety and Appearance: Sidewalk sweeping and litter pick-up, graffiti removal, streetscape and right of way projects, regular collaboration with Milwaukee Police District 5 and other City departments.
  2. Marketing and Promotion: Promote the Riverworks Center as a first class destination for business owners, real estate developers, and consumers.
  3. Business and Property Assistance: Provide knowledge and resources to assist with real estate projects.  Play a key role as facilitator for business development in the Riverworks Center, both for BID projects but also by providing assistance to individual businesses.

BID Grant Programs

The RBIDs provide grants for property improvement projects and safety/security projects for up to 40% of the total project cost.  The grant application can be found and downloaded from the link on the right toolbar.

Graffiti Removal

The RBIDs remove graffiti free of charge working with professional contractors.  John Cervantes, Business Manager of Riverworks Cleans, can assist in coordinating any graffiti removal needs. 

Our 2018 Neighborhood Ambassadors out doing cleanup work in the BIDs. 


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